Israel Blasts ‘Hypocrite’ Pakistan; Says Stop Preaching The Only Democracy In The Middle-East

Pakistan has been a vehement supporter of the Palestinian cause a fierce critic of Israel. Pakistan has often criticized Israel for its human rights violations in Gaza and the ‘occupation’ of the Arab land.

Pakistan recently appreciated the adoption of an OIC-led resolution by the United Nations Human Rights Council in response to human rights violations of international law and human rights by Israel.

In a statement, Foreign Office Spokesperson Zahid Hafeez Chaudhri said the HRC special session and its decision to establish a standing international commission of inquiry to investigate human rights violations represent global resolve to end systemic impunity and injustice and begin a process of meaningful accountability, Radio Pakistan reported.

Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi had been urging the UN to issue a call for an end to Israel’s devastating violence against the Palestinians in Gaza.

Qureshi had fiercely criticized Israel and said that the Jewish nation had mounted a “relentless onslaught” on the people of Palestine, resulting in hundreds of deaths and limited access to food, water, hygiene and health services.

Responding to the continuous onslaught of provocative statements from Pakistan, the Director-General at @israelMFA Ushpiz counter-attacked Pakistan and tweeted:

Human rights “champion” Pakistan, practically living in a palace of glass, is currently preaching to the only democracy in the Middle East as part of the @UN_HRC special session. Hypocrisy at its best.

Along with this tweet, Ushpiz also took a dig at the country and attached a link to the report prepared by the US State Department on human rights in Pakistan.

This report expresses serious concern over the state of human rights in Pakistan (while it lectures the only democracy in the Middle East)

Meanwhile, Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi continued to tweet in support of Palestine which read:

Welcome @UN_HRC adoption of the resolution tabled by Pakistan calling for ‘Ensuring respect for international humanitarian law & international human rights law’, establishing the ongoing commission of inquiry to investigate Human Rights abuses in Occupied Palestine including East Jerusalem & Israel.

Qureshi also tweeted: Today as @UN_PGA spoke of Flag of Pakistan pivotal role in building international pressure for #Palestine, I acknowledge our diplomats & untiring efforts of Amb Munir Akram & @PakistanUN_NY & Amb Khalil Hashmi & @PakUN_Geneva, leaving no stone unturned in their diplomacy for just cause of #Palestine.

Pakistan has not yet recognized Israel as a sovereign country. There are also no formal ties between the two countries. For the last few weeks, Pakistan has been aggressively supporting the Palestinians in its conflict with Israel.