Israel Bars Indian Origin Model From Converting to Judaism and Enter Israel

Indian Origin, South African supermodel Shashi Naidoo says she was refused entry to Israel after apologising for calling Gaza a “shi*hole” because of the way it is being managed by Hamas. Naidoo earlier apologised after facing heavy criticism for defending Israel’s killing of Palestinian protesters in Gaza during ongoing The Great Return March demonstrations.

Naidoo also called Gaza a “s***hole” because of Hamas’ governance. Since then, she met the Boycott Divestment Sanctions (BDS) movement in South Africa and accepted to go on a trip with the group. Israel countered her allegations by denying her entry to the Palestinian enclave.

“After my meeting at the Israeli Embassy, I have been refused entry,” Naidoo told the South Africa Jewish Report. “I believe that flagging a person, whose only aim was to promote an agenda of love, is dubious,” she said. 

She emphasized that she did not want to be used as a political tool. “My only purpose was to meet the people, experience the country and provide assistance to those in need. I am really shocked and disturbed,” she said. Naidoo added that being forbidden from entering Israel was particularly distressing because she planned to convert to Judaism.

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