Islamic State (ISIS) Behind Suicide Bombing At Kabul Airport – US Media

A bomber from the Islamic State (ISIS) is responsible for the explosion at the Kabul airport. This was reported on Thursday by the Politico newspaper,  citing a source in the American administration.

It did not provide more details.

Italian Military Aircraft C-130J Super Hercules Comes Under Attack At Kabul Airport

As per the latest reports, at least 14 people were killed in a terrorist attack near Kabul airport, various media outlets reported. According to their information, a suicide bomber detonated an explosive device at the northern entrance, after which a shootout began. According to Fox News, a second explosion occurred near the Kabul airport.

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Politico newspaper reports that the Islamic State terrorist group is responsible for the terrorist attack at the Kabul airport.

Airport Explosion

  • The explosion was conducted by a suicide bomber, Sky News Arabia reported. This information was confirmed to Reuters by a representative of the American authorities.
  • After the explosion at the airport, a shootout began, reports Fox News.
  • According to Sky News Arabia, at least 14 people were killed.
  • The Wall Street Journal, citing sources in the US administration, said the US military had suffered. According to Reuters, three soldiers were injured.
  • The Pentagon said that while the department “has no clarity about the victims.”
  • The Taliban movement which controls almost the entire territory of Afghanistan, including Kabul, has not yet issued any statements.

Threat Alerts

  • The British Ministry of Defense had previously warned about the threat of a terrorist attack near the Kabul airport. The UK’s authorities recommended that those awaiting evacuation leave the airport, find a safe place and wait for additional instructions.
  • The authorities of several other countries, including Australia, Belgium and Italy, issued similar warnings. Brussels said it is curtailing the evacuation due to the threat.
  • After the attack, the French Ambassador to Kabul David Martinon urged Afghans to leave the airport area, warning of the threat of another explosion.