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Islamabad Urges UNSC To Prevent Impending India-Pakistan War Over Kashmir

A war between nuclear-armed neighbour, India and Pakistan could be disastrous not only for the region but for the entire world. Islamabad has thus urged the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to “act decisively” to prevent a “disastrous war” between Pakistan and India.

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In a video shared by APP on Friday, Pakistan’s ambassador the UN Munir Akram while addressing the UNSC said:

“Pakistan requests the UNSC and the secretary-general to act decisively to prevent a disastrous war between Pakistan and India, to call for an end to the grave human rights violations in occupied Jammu and Kashmir and to enable the Kashmiri people to exercise their right of self-determination.”

Akram notified the UNSC of the situation in Jammu and Kashmir. “It is now over 150 days that 8 million in the Kashmir Valley have been kept under a cruel curfew and a communications blackout by an Indian occupation force of 900,000 troops.

“All Kashmiri leaders remain in jails across India. Thousands of young boys have been abducted, arbitrarily detained, tortured and maimed”. “Women subjected to sexual harassment, humiliation and intimidation, and all protest violently crushed,” he said, adding that the Pakistani delegation had shared a dossier of reports by journalists and observers which “vividly illustrate the climate of fear and the reign of terror” imposed by India on Kashmiris.

The lockdown in the region has crossed 150 days with the security and communication clampdown now in its fifth month.

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With global pressure mounting to restore freedom, Indian authorities claim they have ‘relaxed’ some restrictions, such as lifting roadblocks, restoring landlines and some mobile phone services. The situation for 12.5 million Kashmiris, however, is far from normal.

Additionally, Akram said India’s foreign minister had “boasted” that they would one day take full control of the region. He noted India’s ceasefire violations along the Line of Control as well as the new Indian army chief’s assertions regarding a right to preemptive strikes against Pakistan.

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