ISIS in Kashmir: Has the Islamic State Infiltrated Kashmir?

The terror of ISIS in Kashmir is rising. Parts of Kashmir, under the Indian administration, is gripped by the alleged presence of ISIS in Kashmir and it seems the influence is only rising. With recent raids by the Indian Army and eliminating over a dozen of terrorists; the question that arises is – ‘Is ISIS Gaining Momentum in Kashmir?’

Post the raid by Indian military forces, protests were carried out by the locals against the military operations. This protest ended up killing more than 20 people which included 13 militants. With growing unrest in the region and many militant groups protesting for the independence of Kashmir, it seems that ISIS in Kashmir now enjoys a greater potential to spread violence and terror.

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ISIS in Kashmir Gaining Power?

2016 was the first time ISIS declared moving to Kashmir, however it is only recently that the terror and influence of ISIS in Kashmir have surfaced. ISIS claimed two killings in 3 months that led to growing concern amongst security forces. Although officials in the capital city of India deny the presence of ISIS in Kashmir, there is growing concern over the spreading ISIS ideology amongst the youth of Kashmir. With the spread of digital tools and social media platforms, the security officials are concerned about this becoming an effective tool for recruitment for ISIS.

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ISIS in Kashmir Vs Pakistan Based Terror Groups

The most feared militant groups from Pakistan, Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jaish-e-Mohammad, have been the most influential terror groups in Kashmir and both of them are anti-ISIS. Not surprisingly, pro-ISIS platforms are convincing the people to abandon these groups and labelling Pakistan as ‘Enemy of Islam’.

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Although it seems unlikely that ISIS could overpower the rule of these terror groups because of their widespread networks, and the support of military intelligence of Pakistan, however, it is not impossible. Additionally, the militant groups in Kashmir are more focused on getting rid of the Indian administration rather than focus on worldwide jihad.

However, ISIS in Kashmir has growing prospects for the group as there exists a large pool of radical thinking youth, a strategic territory and insurgency that is so deep-rooted in Kashmir. ISIS in Kashmir not poses a threat to Indian security forces and is a growing concern for the subcontinent.

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