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ISIS Capital in Afghanistan Captured by Afghan and US Troops

In a major development in the Afghanistan War, the Afghan and the US troops have captured the ‘ISIS Capital’ in Afghanistan. This was one of the largest joint operations ever by the US troops and the Afghan security forces in the Afghanistan war as told by the defence officials. The US troops and the Afghan forces have now deprived the ISIS of its so-called capital in Afghanistan.

In the joint operation, the US troops and the Afghan security forces killed 167 ISIS militants in Gurgoray. Gurgoray was considered to be the stronghold of the ISIS and as good as their ‘capital’ in the city. The operation to overthrow ISIS went on for long and at the last ISIS had to taste defeat. Gurgoray was the primary base of the ISIS in the Nangarhar Province of Afghanistan.

The joint operation comprised of 3 companies of the Afghan Security Forces and around 600 Green Berets. The security forces did not incur any casualties during the operation and this is what makes the operation even more successful. The atmosphere among the forces was jubilant after the elimination of the ISIS. This is a big turnaround in the Afghanistan war.

Over the last 10 months, the ISIS vs Taliban clashes in Afghanistan has displaced more than 400 families. The clashes between Taliban and ISIS have been relentless in eastern Afghanistan. The impact of these clashes has been the most in Nangarhar which is known to be a traditional stronghold of the ISIS.

Both these militant outfits are contesting for power and superiority. They are fighting to claim credit for the violence that has seen a massive surge in Afghanistan in the past few months. Despite both of them being insurgent militant groups, they hold different agendas and this rivalry can be seen as a war of agendas. In the past, there has been a massive hike in suicide bombings and light combats in Afghanistan for which both of them are responsible.

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