ISIS Bases Being Developed in Afghanistan; Pakistan, Iran Key Targets

In the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, ISIS militants are being dropped-in and a new terrorist organization base is being formed in the country. This was announced by Vladimir Berezovets, Vice-President of the International Association of Veterans of the Alpha anti-terror unit, speaking at the EEU anti-terrorism forum in Bishkek.

ISIS Khorasan – The Next Big Terror Group Dangerously Rising In Afghanistan


According to Berezovets, there are over 20 terrorist groups in Afghanistan, with more than 50,000 militants in their ranks. Of this number, about 40 thousand people belong to the radical Islamic movement “Taliban”.  At the same time, a new ISIS base is being developed in the region.

“According to the information of the Chief of the CSTO Joint Staff, Anatoly Sidorov, the number of ISIS terrorists in Afghanistan is about 3000 people. Half of them are located in the east of the country, Berezovets explained. – Of particular anxiety is the fact that the number of militants – immigrants from the Central Asian region in the ranks of ISIS has reached a threatening scale. In addition to carrying out terrorist acts, the organization is working on recruitment, the propaganda of extremism and religious radicalism. ”

According to the expert, from the side of Afghanistan today there is a real threat for Russia and the countries of Central Asia and it is necessary to direct general efforts to stabilize the situation in the region and to counter the challenges. According to other defence experts talking to EurAsian Times, the biggest and direct threat of ISIS could be on neighbouring Iran and Pakistan besides the central Asian regions as the terror groups in keen to expand its presence.