Is India Expecting Much More Than What Donald Trump Is Willing To Give?

US President Donald Trump is set to visit India in the backdrop of the US elections scheduled for 2020. With a lot of expectations from both sides, Namaste Trump is expected to be no lesser dazzling event than the Howdy Modi event.

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A roadshow, a giant sports stadium opening and wall-to-wall media coverage will boost both Trump and Modi’s popularity. However, India is expecting more than US President Donald Trump is willing to give?

Trump’s political fate depends upon the coming eight months and India understands that nothing matters more to Trump than showing the Americans that the US is getting better trade deals that the previous governments.

Indian orders of oil, gas, and defence artillery matter a lot to the US. Their bilateral trade in goods and services is over $150 billion. He has already arranged trade deals with countries like Canada, Mexico, Japan, China and South Korea.

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While Trump has declared that Europe to be next in line, India is the last remaining major trade partner of the U.S. experts assert that all this sounds like progress for America, but for India trade has been a disappointment since 2017. Trump has dulled the strategic spirit between the nations with his narrow transactional redefinition of American foreign policy priorities.

Trump’s approach towards Asian countries is disappointing. The withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, restraining Pakistan’s anti-terrorism sponsorship, the trade wars with China are reminders that Trump’s foreign policies are not always welcoming. Modi cannot rely on Washington to enhance India’s geopolitical reputation.

Although American officials keep reassuring allies and partners that the U.S. will restraint China, whose ruling Chinese Communist Party, is being called “the central threat of our times,” by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, there has been little substantial actions against it.

Japan and South Korea, two important allies of the US, are always showing strong disagreement towards the nation. The Philippines, another strategic ally of the United States, has scrapped its Visiting Forces Agreement with the U.S. with respect to China.

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Trump will likely enjoy the warm welcome and make his trip to India a memorable one. However, do not expect any geopolitical breakthroughs. According to Trump, soaring dreams of a defining partnership between India and the U.S. to remake the world order are shelved for the foreseeable future. India must not keep high hopes form this spectacle as it will only lead to disappointments