Is Delhi Planning To Separate Jammu from Kashmir and Grant it Statehood?

After the February 14 Pulwama attacks, Jammu has renewed its call for statehood and separation from Kashmir, away from the ongoing political chaos and violent social disruption. However, experts say granting statehood to Jammu or trifurcating the state would create communal polarization that would destroy the cultural and social fabric of the state and stir communal tensions in the rest of the country.

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In December 2018, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MLC Surinder Ambardar had said Jammu should be made a separate state while Kashmir and Ladakh be granted Union Territory status. In an interview with one of the local news media outlets, Ambardar had said “the political parties in J&K have failed to solve the problems of the people. I feel that the state needs to be reorganized.

Kashmir and Ladakh should be made Union Territories while Jammu should get statehood. This will give the much-needed relief to the people of the state. People need good governance in J&K. The political parties in the Valley are not good enough to deliver. They are even tacitly supporting terrorism.”

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Besides the ongoing bloodshed in the Valley, Jammu and Ladakh feel political and economic discrimination by politicians in Kashmir. An expert says the separation will ensue better governance, more economic opportunities and a greater share of political power. Moreover, Jammu and Leh will be able to distance themselves from militancy.

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