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Iranian President Praises FM Zarif , Calls Him Core Pillar Of Iran’s Foreign Policy

Iranian President rejected Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif’s resignation and praised his significant contribution in Iran’s foreign policy. Iranian President called Zarif’s resignation against the country’s interests.

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According to the government’s official website, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani wrote in a letter to Zarif saying, “I believe your resignation is against the country’s interests and do not approve it.”

“I consider you, as put by the leader, to be ‘trustworthy, brave and pious’ and in the forefront of resistance against America’s all-out pressure,” Zarif added referring to Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

According to media reports, a “diplomatic incident” within the Iranian leadership was the key reason for the resignation of Zarif. It is believed that Zarif was not informed about the visit of Syrian President Bashar Al Assad to Tehran which took place on February 25. As a result, the Foreign Minister was allegedly “offended” and immediately announced his resignation from the post of Foreign Minister. Zarif brought this news to the public in a rather exotic way by posting a resignation message on his Instagram page.

On his rare foreign visit, Syrian President Al Assad, a major recipient of Iranian aid during his country’s nearly eight-year civil war, met with both Khamenei and Rouhani, but not with Zarif. Iranian President praised Zarif saying, ” Zarif’s relentless efforts and endeavours in bearing the heavy responsibility of the foreign affairs portfolio”. He also emphasized that Zarif emerged as a leader in the conduct of Iran’s foreign policy.

“As ordered several times, all bodies – including government or state bodies – must be in full coordination with this ministry with regards to foreign relations,” the president said in his letter.

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