Will Iran Get Justice by Dragging the US to the International Court of Justice?

Iran appealed to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) about the US’s decision to impose unilateral sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran. We have filed a complaint against the US at the International Court of Justice, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said, according to the reports by the Iranian news agency Mehr.

“Today, Iran has filed a complaint with the International Court of Justice to bring the United States to task for illegally reintroducing unilateral sanctions. Despite the fact that the US shows disrespect for diplomacy and its legal obligations, Iran remains committed to the rule of law. It is important to oppose their (US) habits to violate international law, Zarif said.

On 8th May 2018, the US President Donald Trump announced the withdrawal of the US from the Iranian nuclear program – a deal that imposed restrictions on Tehran’s nuclear activities in exchange for lifting the sanctions of the UN Security Council and unilateral restrictive measures introduced earlier by the US and the EU. After exiting the nuclear deal, the US extended sanctions against Iran.

The remaining members of the JCPOA Deal criticized Trump’s decision and stated that they intend to keep the agreements in force. The leaders of the UK, Germany and France called on all participants of the nuclear deal to fully implement it. The Russian Foreign Ministry pointed out that Moscow was disappointed with Washington’s move, and called Trump’s decision a “bad move”.