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Iran-Saudi War Possible If Sanctions Not Applied on Iran: Mohammad Bin Salman

Is Iran-Saudi War Really on the Cards? A Proxy War between Iran and Saudi Arabia is already burning the Middle East. A direct Iran-Saudi War may not only lead to total chaos in the Middle East but will also create massive impact across the world. But why did Mohammad bin Salman threated an Iran-Saudi War? How will Iran respond to these warnings?

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Iran’s Reaction to Iran-Saudi War Threatening?

The representative of Iran’s Foreign Ministry blasted Saudi Arabia’s Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) after the 32-year-old threatened Tehran with a possible Iran-Saudi War in 10 to 15 years.

Bahram Qassemi, the representative of Iran’s Foreign Ministry warned Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman “not to play with fire” and asked seasoned Saudi diplomats to teach some lessons to the “Inexperienced Prince”. Qassemi reminded MBS about the fate of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein and warned him not to challenge the “Iranian Resolve”

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The “Disillusioned Amateur, who is still too big for his shoes, either does not know the meaning of war or has not read history, or sadly has not talked to senior leaders or diplomats there in Riyadh, added Qassemi.

Qassemi’s comments came after bin Salman said that Iran-Saudi War was possible and Riyadh could engage in a military showdown against Iran if harder international sanctions were not applied against Iran. “We must urgently realize the gravity of the situation, in order to avoid a direct military confrontation which may eventually lead to Iran-Saudi War in next 10-15 years,” MBS told The Wall Street Journal.

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Saudi Arabia has deep suspicion and resentment about swelling Iranian influence in the Middle East and has doubled its efforts to restrain so-called “Iran’s Expansion” through proxy wars in Yemen and Syria. Saudi Arabia, along with Israel have as been very apprehensive about Iran’ Nuclear Deal, which both the nations says will be used against their countries.

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