Why is Iran Celebrating Pakistan’s Independence Day With Such a Frevour?

Pakistan-Iran relations are booming and Iran’s celebration of Pakistan’s 72nd Independence Day is the testament of the same. As Pakistan celebrated its 72nd Independence Day on Tuesday, billboards and banners in Iran also celebrated Pakistan’s independence day. A large number of billboards and banners were seen across Tehran facilitating Pakistan on the eve of its Independence Day.

As reported by Dawn, Iran had put up pictures with Persian texts depicting the historic landmarks of Pakistan. The billboards and banners were put up on highways and bridges across the Tehran. As per Radio Pakistan, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the supreme leader of Iran also congratulated Pakistan on the occasion of its Independence Day.

Hassan Rouhani, the President of Iran had stated earlier that Iran and Pakistan share a close bond as the two countries have the same religious and cultural values. Even Imran Khan, the prime minister in waiting stated that Islamabad will want to bolster trade relations with Tehran. He also added that even at a diplomatic level the two nations will want to improve relations.

The President of Iran had also invited Imran Khan to Iran after he takes oath as the new Prime Minister of Pakistan. Imran Khan will take oath on August 18th as the new supreme leader of Pakistan after emerging as the face of change in the Pakistan general elections. Imran Khan too responded quickly to the invite and assured Rouhani of a visit.

Last month both Iran and Pakistan have agreed to deepen military ties. Iran has been hit hard by US sanctions and it looks to mobilise support against Washington for it refuses to give in the pressure from the US. This could be part of a diplomatic ploy by Tehran to take Pakistan in confidence.

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