Iran Snubs India; Ready To Sign Defence Deal With Pakistan

As India toils to choose between Iran and the US, Iran-Pakistan relations continue to blossom. The chairman of the Chief of Staffs of the Iranian Armed Forces met the Pakistani President on Tuesday in Islamabad. Snubbing India, Iran and Pakistan agreed upon the joint production of defence equipment besides working on a wide range of bilateral issues to enhance bilateral ties.
The two neighbouring nations share almost 1000 kilometres of border between them. As reported by the Press TV, both Tehran and Islamabad agreed to the need for enhancing ties across various dimensions, especially in defence. The two nations discussed the commonalities between them and also emphasised the significance of improving defence relations.
The Major General of Iranian Armed Forces stayed after the meeting that he discussed a wide range of issues with officials from Pakistan. These issues include military education, pilot training, military drills and cooperation and coordination between the defence industries of Pakistan and the defence industries of Iran. He further added that Iran and Pakistan are working together to build defence equipment which will be hailed as a joint of achievement of the Islamic Nations.

Increased Maritime Cooperation Between Iran and Pakistan

The Iranian top Major General also met the Cheif of Pakistani Naval Staff, Admiral Zafar Mahmood Abbasi on Tuesday. The two deliberated on the measures which can enhance maritime cooperation between Iran and Pakistan. The need and the feasibility of increasing joint naval exercises between Iran and Pakistan were also discussed.

Pakistan To Purchase Lethal Helicopters From Turkey

As reported earlier by EurAsian Times, Pakistan will procure 30 T-129 ATAK gunship helicopters from Turkey. Pakistan and Turkey signed the deal of the T-129 ATAK helicopters on Friday after the extensive trials of the attack helicopters concluded in Pakistan. As per initial estimates, the deal between Ankara and Islamabad is being described as being worth $1.5 billion.
T-129 attack helicopters will replace the ageing fleet of AH-1F Cobra gunships which are currently a part of the Pakistani defence forces. The AH-1F Cobra fleet is now worn out and is not very capable of scaling higher altitudes. The twin turboshaft engines of the T-129 ATAK helicopter gunship is the highlight feature that impressed Pakistan the most.