Iran Keen To Acquire Latest Russian Weapons Including S-400 Missiles, SU-35 Jets?

Iran has expressed interested to acquire latest, state-of-art Russian weapons which could possibly include S-400 missile defence systems, SU-35 jets to enhance its defence capacities. This was confirmed by Iranian ambassador to Russia – Kazem Jalali in an interview with the Kommersant daily.

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“Indeed, it is so,” he said answering the question if Teheran was interested in Russia’s new weapons. “We will hold consultations with Russia on what we need to enhance our defence capacities.

The Russian government and the Russian people have always been by our side in times of crisis. Russia is our priority partner in this sense,” he emphasised.

Jalali also emphasized that the nations that were cornered by Washington could unite together and jointly countering US policy. These cornered nations include Iran, China and Russia amongst others.

“I believe it’s high time we created a club of countries hit by sanctions. Among its members will be many strong powers with developed economies: Russia, China and Iran,” the diplomat said. According to him, such states should help each other in order to offset the negative influence of US steps.

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The top Iranian diplomat also accentuated that the US does not want to see any rivals, whose positions in any region would be more powerful than Washington. “They want Russia to be weak, China to be economically subordinated to them and Iran to become their colony. That’s why we need to cooperate, help each other and complement each other,” Jalali said.

“We have got huge opportunities and we just need to show political will and make efforts in order to develop this potential in the right way. Iran has something to offer Russia and China. We are a large country with a big and rather young population, we have got many mineral resources and advanced technologies. If we make joint efforts we will overcome US pressure,” the ambassador emphasized.

After $400B Deal With China, Iran Set To Ink 20-Year Agreement With Russia – Iran FM Javad Zarif

Earlier, as the EurAsian Times reported, Iran and Russia are likely to renew their “20-year agreement”, which expires in March 2021, Iran’s Foreign Minister Javad Zarif said during his official visit to Moscow.

Speaking to Iranian media in Moscow, the Iranian FM said another “long-term deal” with Russia is “on the agenda”, terming the ties between the two all-weather allies as “strategic.” While it was not immediately clear which “20-year agreement” Zarif was referring to, according to experts, it pertained to a series of petrochemical and weapons deals signed by the two sides in 2001.