Indonesian Tourism Board to Attract Indian Tourists Visiting Malaysia, Singapore

How does the Tourism Board of Indonesia Plan to attract Indian Tourists visiting Malaysia and Singapore? The Indonesian government has started working on to attract Indian tourists who regularly visit Malaysia and Singapore, as there are comparatively limited direct flights between India and Indonesia.

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India is seen as a significant market to boost tourism which can realize the government intention of hosting 17 million international tourists in 2018-19, said deputy manager for Indonesian Tourism Ministry. This year, the Indonesian Tourism Ministry plans to host over 700,000 Indian Tourists this year, compared to 485,000 visiting last year.

“The target of 700,000 Indian tourists cannot only be attained via direct flights. We have to work with others countries like Malaysia and Singapore as hubs,” added the deputy manager. Singapore and Malaysia attract around 1.8 million tourists from India every year, and it would be ideal if Indian tourists also opt to visit Indonesia.

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Over one million Indians visited Singapore in 2016, making it their top tourist destination in South East Asia, followed by Bangkok (Thailand) and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).

Currently, only the Indonesian national carrier – Garuda operates direct flights from Mumbai to Denpasar Bali. Indonesian Tourism Ministry said that Jakarta had to collaborate with local and international tour operators to attract Indian tourists who visit Singapore and Malaysia in order to encourage them to continue their trip to Indonesia.

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