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India’s Power Tariffs Escalating Due To Chinese Manufacturers

India is suffering due to the rising cost of power caused by China’s ability to produce cheaper manufactured goods. India-China issues were raised at the public gathering organised by the Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission (KERC) in Mysore.

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A small scale industry owner in the state of Karnataka, Hussain said that many industries in Karnataka have stopped production of multiple goods due to the availability of China’s cheaper goods in the market.

“China does not have manganese or iron ores. They import iron ore from India. But, the steel manufactured in China is available at a very cheap price because of the cost of energy is very low there,” Hussain added.

Although, India has imposed anti-dumping duty on goods manufactured in China. But still, they are able to sustain in India via Thailand. Hussain requested the KERC chaired by Shambu Dayal Meena to disapprove drafted proposal of Chamundeshwari Electricity Supply Corporation’s (CESC) for increment in power tariff.

Hussain, an industry owner also emphasised that Electricity Supply Corporation must cut the cost of internal management including management cost of staff and finances instead of intensifying cost of power.

The demand for CESC to raise power tariff by 99.56 paise per unit is already rejected by representatives of the general public, industries, and commercial establishments at the meeting.

Some representatives of the general public suggested that the KERC must be allowed hike in the power tariff for consumption during peak hours and give relaxation to domestic consumers who save power.

N.P. Nagaraj, representing JSS Mahavidyapeetha questioned: “How can we collect commercial electricity tariff from a poor student staying in a hostel.”

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