#BoycottMalaysia Trends In India After Malaysian PM Says India Invaded Kashmir

Indians are now calling upon for complete boycott of Malaysia after the Malaysian Prime Minister accused India of invading Kashmir during his UNGA speech. The Malaysian PM Mahathir Mohamad indirectly alleged India of invading and occupying Jammu and Kashmir. Mohamad also stated that India and Pakistan must resolve their bilateral issues through peaceful resolves.

Outrage in India

What followed post the comments of Malaysian Prime Minister was a social media outrage by Indians asking the authorities to suspend bilateral trade and tourism with Malaysia. The comments of the Malaysian PM are reminiscent of the anti-India stand portrayed China and Turkey at the UNGA.

On the issue of Kashmir, Turkey and China extended support to Islamabad while Pakistan PM lambasted the Indian government over the humanitarian crisis in Jammu and Kashmir.

Mahathir Mohamad also stated that India invaded Jammu and Kashmir despite UN resolutions on Kashmir. Moreover, he went on to say that such ignorance of the UN will lead to other types of disregard for the UN and the rule of law.

Dr Mahathir Mohamad: The helplessness of the world in stopping atrocities inflicted on the Rohingyas in Myanmar had reduced the regard for the resolution of the UN. Now, despite UN resolution on Jammu and Kashmir, the country has been invaded and occupied.

Mohamad reiterated that the issues between India and Pakistan must be resolved by peaceful means and the decision taken by India unilaterally is wrong even if there were some reasons to support the decisions.

Several social media activists are now demanding the imposition of trade embargoes against Malaysia and the demand to boycott Malaysia is trending on Twitter. Every Indian firmly believes that Kashmir is an integral part of India and the world does not have any right to interfere in matters of India’s sovereignty.