Why is Islamabad Planning to Ban Indian TV Channels in Pakistan?

Should Indian TV Channels in Pakistan be Banned? Many Pakistani actors and celebrities took to the Supreme Court to ban Indian TV Channels, including and Indian Dramas in Pakistan, as per a report in Tribune.

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Recently, United Producers Association took to Twitter to share the initiative to ban Indian Indian TV Channels and Content in Pakistan. Many noted celebrities of Pakistan including like Faysal Quraishi, Adnan Siddiqui, Samina Ahmed came forward to support the initiative on Indian Dramas.

The actors had their maiden appearance at the top court today. Renowned TV actor, Samina said, submit

“The Chief Justice of Pakistan Saqib Nisar has asked us to submit an application and we will be given a new date for the next hearing, and us of assuring action

“Pakistan Army is fighting for us at the border with India on a daily basis. We are literally in a state of war with India. Many people have come to me asking why we have allowed Indian Dramas on television as India is responsible for the martyrdom of our soldiers on the border.

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Further talking about it, Adnan, who has worked with leading Indian actors said, “We have to acknowledge that whatever we are today, wherever we are, it’s all because of Pakistan TV. We are not supporting or protesting towards a particular channel, but we are against the Indian TV Dramas that is being aired in Pakistan. Many people in Pakistan are unemployed because of the Indian TV Channels in Pakistan.

Further adding up on previous comments, a noted actor from Pakistan, Ejaz Aslam said “Due to international content, more than 50,000 films are getting impacted in Pakistan. There should be a proper capping to air foreign content in Pakistan.

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