Indian RAW Behind Spate of Terror Attacks in Pakistan

The Pakistan authorities have accused RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) of orchestrating the attack on Chinese consulate in Karachi. RAW is the Indian spy agency which has been consistently accused by Pakistan of fomenting trouble in Pakistan especially the Balochistan region.

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The suicide bomber that targeted the Chinese consulate in Karachi used a foreign-made C4 plastic explosive, said Pakistani police, who hinted that the attack was choreographed by the Indian RAW.

Counter-terrorism officer Umar Khitab said that they were probing whether Baluch separatist commander Aslam Achhu, who they believe masterminded of the Karachi attack, was based in India.

The Baluch Liberation Army claimed the attack, and Khitab said the group is backed by “the enemy country”, a reference to India. There was no immediate comment from India’s External Affairs Ministry about the C4 plastic explosive claims. However, in an earlier statement, India denied supporting the Baluchistan insurgents and was quick to condemn the violence.

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“The perpetrators of this horrendous attack should be brought to justice as soon as possible,” India’s foreign ministry said. Two other Pakistani officials said four suspects, who allegedly facilitated three attackers, were arrested in Karachi and other towns of Sindh province.

The Chinese government’s top diplomat, Wang Yi, said he was “shocked” by the attack and urged Pakistan to prevent any more such incidents.

Pakistan has long accused India of supporting the insurgents in Baluchistan, while India has blamed Pakistan for training and sponsoring radical movement and insurgency in Kashmir.

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