Indian Railways Start Using Russian Face Recognition Technology By Ntechlab – Reports

Indian Railways have begun using the Russian face recognition system from Ntechlab, the startup firm told Russian News Agency – TASS.

“Indian Railways has commissioned 470 video cameras with face recognition. The video analytics system developed by NtechLab has appeared at 30 railway stations between the western Indian states of Gujarat and Maharashtra, including the city of Mumbai,” NtechLab said.

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By the end of the year, NtechLab plans to implement at least three more projects in India in retail, education, industry and entertainment, said Andrey Telenkov, CEO of the company.

The system is planned to be used to manage passenger traffic, count passengers, as well as to search for criminals, and it can also be used to search for missing people. Ntechlab hopes to extend the surveillance system to the entire railway network in India in the future, Telenkov said earlier.

According to reports, the system will be applied on the busiest section of the Indian railway and will simultaneously recognize up to 50 people in the frame.

Telenkov explained that the system is capable of recognizing faces in a video stream within three seconds, comparing the results with databases of wanted persons, and, if a match is found, instantly send an alert to law enforcement officers.

File:WAP-4 Class locomotive of Indian Railways.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
File Image: Indian Railways

NtechLab has also been certified by the Research and Standards Organization (RDSO) to become an Official Supplier of Indian Railways.

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Ntechlab is a Russian startup company specializing in advanced self-learning neural network techniques for creating face recognition algorithms. The company “RT-Business Development” of Rostec is a shareholder of Ntechlab.

In September 2020, the Russian Direct Investment Fund and leading sovereign wealth funds in the Middle East announced that they had invested over 1 billion rubles in Ntechlab.