Indian Railways To Go Green with 68 Bottle Crushing Machines

Indian Railways is all set to go eco-friendly with bottle crushing machines. The Indian Railways will install 68 more bottle crushing machines across different railway stations. The Indian Railways has already set up 4 such bottle crushing machines at different stations in Mumbai. These bottle crushing machines will be installed at 50 different suburban stations.

The stations where these bottle crushing machines will be installed include those lying under Central Zone and Western Zone of the Indian Railways. The Central Railways will be installing 35 machines covering 17-18 different stations. Each station will have 2 bottle crushing machines. The Western Zone will be installing 25 bottle crushing machines across different stations. The stations which record the highest influx of passengers will be among the first set of stations to get these machines. The Central Zone required 45,893 litres of water daily while the Western Zone requires 37,447 litres of water.

Each of these bottle crushing machines costs around INR 75 Lakhs. The Indian Railways will float tenders for the installation works. These machines are much needed for Indian Railways through IRCTC procures a consignment of 1.80 lakh litre of the Rail Neer bottles. These bottles are produced at the Ambernath bottling plant. These machines will be very efficient in recycling plastic bottles and can help India solve a major part of its potential environmental crisis.

Indian Railways to Place Its Biggest Wagon Tender Ever

As reported by EurAsian Times earlier, Indian Railways, the largest public sector enterprise in India will put out its largest tender for 22,000 wagons in the current fiscal year. The cost of this order is being estimated to be over INR 7000 crores. On an average, Indian Railways purchases 8000 wagons in a year but now it will roll out a tender expecting a reduction in cost for the bulk order. Indian Railways expects to cut wagon costs by 15-20% through this bulk order.

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