Will US Offer THAAD Missiles to India to Sink the S-400 Deal with Russia?

Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD), is an American anti-ballistic missile defence system designed to shoot down ballistic missiles in their terminal phase by intercepting with a hit-to-kill approach.

Is the United States thinking to offer THAAD Missiles and Air Defence System to India and upset the S-400 Deal with Russia? THAAD Missiles or Terminal High Altitude Area Defence System is an advanced missile system, capable of tracking, detecting, and destroying hostile missiles, and is comparable to the Russian S-500 Air Defence System 

THAAD Missiles vs S-400 Air Defence System

Sources close to EurAsian Times have confirmed that the US could well push its THAAD Missiles on the table to not let the India-Russia defence deal take place. The United States will likely make an offer to India to purchase its Terminal High Altitude Area Defence systems (THAAD Missile) rather than the Russian S-400.

The S-400 missile defence system is known to be highly effective across a wide range of aerial attacks. As EurAsian Times reported, S-400 is reportedly capable of shooting down the American F-35 and F-18 fighter jets. The question is if the S-400 missile defence system is superior to Terminal High Altitude Defence system (THAAD)? In an interview to EurAsian Times, defence experts have repeatedly emphasized that THAAD Missiles are comparable to Russian advanced S-500 Defence System and thus superior to Russian S-400.

The Trump Administration has also proposed a waiver for India provided it reduces its defence cooperation with Russia. The US may also approve a bill to impose sanctions on Russian defence entities. The sanctions would then also be liable to the countries which procure defence equipment from Russia. Defence Experts from EurAsian Times believe that is irrational of the US to think that India will reduce its defence and security cooperation with Russia given their strong ties. The India-Russia defence deal of the S-400 air defence system will cost INR 39,000 crores.

Meanwhile, in a big setback to India-US Relations, US has called off the 2+2 Dialogue scheduled for July 6. This is being perceived as an outcome of the widening rift in India-US Ties. This is for the second time that the US has postponed the 2+2 dialogue which was initially scheduled for March.

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