Indian PM Narendra Modi Riding a Tiger In Kashmir – Imran Khan

Pakistan PM Imran Khan on Friday said that Indian PM Narendra Modi is nervous of the bloodbath that will follow in Jammu and Kashmir once the draconian curfew is completely lifted in the region.

Khan took to social media – on Kashmir Day – to remind the people that Friday marks 75 days since New Delhi’s what Islamabad’s terms as the illegal annexation of the region.

Referring to the situation in Kashmir as “the worst violation of human rights”, Khan also noted that Modi’s use of more than 900,000 armed security personnel is meant to silence and terrorise Kashmiris and not “fight terrorism”.

“You don’t need 900k troops to fight terrorism; you need them to terrorise 8m Kashmiri people,” he added. Khan added that the Indian premier “knows” that a bloodbath will ensue “the moment the siege” is lifted, as that would be the only way the Indian government can subdue the Kashmiri people.

Earlier, PM Imran said that the so-called illegal annexation of Jammu and Kashmir is part of a wider policy by the right-wing BJP government in India to target Muslims. In a tweet, the prime minister added that the Modi government’s ethnic cleansing of Muslims should send alarm bells ringing across the world.