Indian Navy On Highest Alert As Pakistan Planning Another 26/11 Like Attacks – Reports

The Indian Navy has been put on high alter the Indian Intelligence Agencies received information about a possible terror attack on India via sea akin to 26/11 Mumbai attacks. As reported by Hindustan Times, an official of the Indian Navy stated that the navy establishment is on heightened alert on the eastern and western coasts. 

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Radar surveillance enhances along coasts: Indian Navy

As per the Indian navy officials, surveillance through radars in the coastal areas and at critical points has been intensified. India has a well laid operating system of coastal radars and Joint Operations Centre which are integrated with the Gurugram based Information Management and Analysis Center.

The Indian navy, in the wake of the latest threats, has asked the government to enable tracking of fishing boats under 20 metres of height with the ‘Friend and Foe’ tracking system that will allow quick identification of any threats.

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These threats come amid signs of increased aggression shown by Pakistan after the scrapping of Article 370 and Article 35A along with the bifurcation of the state. Both, the Prime Minister of Pakistan and the Chief of Army have warned India against violent consequences of its actions and decisions pertaining to Kashmir.

The intelligence agencies apprehend that various terror modules of Jaish-e-Mohammed have been had been activated along the Line of Control and also various sleeper cells have been activated to hit key targets in India.

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In 2008, Pakistan based terror group hit Mumbai through the sea killing more than 150 people and injuring scores of citizens as well tourists. 10 terrorists had entered Mumbai along the coastline and unleashed one of the most devastating terror attacks on India. The maritime security since then has been beefed up by leaps and bounds but the present situation calls for all for maximum security and alertness.