Indian Border Guards On High Alert In Punjab Region Ahead Of Republic Day

Indian intelligence agencies have alerted the border guards and the police in the province of Punjab about a possible infiltration attempt by terrorists from across the border as ties between two nuclear-armed neighbours continues to deteriorate. 

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According to reports, the Border Security Forces (BSF) and Punjab Police officers have intensified vigil and search operations along the India-Pakistan border. Night patrolling has also been increased in the border areas. Intelligence sources said similar alerts have also been issued to Rajasthan, Jammu and Kashmir and Gujarat.

Punjab is already on red alert after the recovery of arms, ammunition and drugs from smugglers who are now using drones to get the parses. Patrolling the sensitive areas is not easy in winters following the chill and the foggy weather which makes visibility very poor.

India-Pakistan border in the Punjab region has become an easy target for terrorists following the heavy deployment of forces in Jammu and Kashmir side. Recovery of satellite phones from the terrorists and smugglers clearly show that these consignments were meant for the Kashmiri terrorists.

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Earlier, as EurAsian Times reported, the Indian government has alleged that approximately 300 terrorists, including some from Afghanistan, are being readied at launchpads in Pakistan-controlled Kashmir to infiltrate into India.

According to Indian news agency, IANS, the latest intelligence report mentions that around 40-50 terror launchpads are currently active in Pakistan-controlled Kashmir and are being aided by Pakistan’s intelligence agency Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and the Pakistan Army.

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Neelam, Leepa and Tangdhar valleys in PoK near the Line of Control (LoC) are reported to be the regions where these terrorist launchpads are based, the IANS report reveals. The report warns that these terrorists are set to infiltrate into India to carry out major attacks in Jammu and Kashmir and other major cities.