Indian Atrocities In Kashmir The Biggest Blot On India’s Clean Image: Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen

Nobel laureate Amartya Sen said that Indian atrocities in Jammu and Kashmir has been grossly mishandled by the PM Narendra Modi-led BJP government and has become the “biggest blot” on India.

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According to India Today, Amartya Sen was quoted as saying,” It is the biggest blot on Indian democracy. There’s no question about that. He added that “there are a number of claimants to that position of being a blot. It is a case that figures a lot in foreign discussions.

Amartya  Sen is a Nobel Prize-winning economist and a former master at Trinity College, Cambridge, as well as being a Harvard University professor. “On my first night when I came here, a long CNN coverage on the brutality of policing and law and order was aired,” he said

“The Kashmiris’ attitude to the rest of India has varied a lot. Basically, we have mishandled it for a number of decades. Right now, we are mishandling it very badly indeed,” the Nobel prize winner said.

“It is the people of Kashmir we are looking at. It is quite important to do the law and order right. The kind of horrific and violent treatment of protest and also banning newspapers will isolate Kashmiris. All these are penalising Kashmiris in a way is giving them absolutely no reason to feel close to India,” he said.