Indian Army’s Rashtriya Rifles HQ Shifts From Delhi to Srinagar?

Why is the Indian Army planning to move the Rashtriya Rifles headquarters from Delhi to Srinagar? The Rashtriya Rifles headquarter, which supervises the thrust against terrorists in the volatile Kashmir region might be shifted from the Indian capital, New Delhi, to Srinagar due to frequent terrorist activities and cross-border intrusions.

A key cog in the anti-terror operations of the Indian Army, Rashtriya Rifles might soon find its headquarter in Srinagar. The Indian Army is carrying its biggest ever restructuring exercise to make it more lethal by growing efficiency and plug the gaps in personnel distribution.

The change in the headquarters will elevate the decision making and the execution of operations against terrorism. For example, the Assam Rifles, which has 45 Battalions and maintains the internal security in the Northeast and along the Myanmar Borders, has its headquarters in Shillong.

The Rashtriya Rifles is a counterinsurgency force having 65 battalions and is comprised soldiers deputed from other army units. “It is logical that the head of the force is closer to the formation for quick decision making,” said an officer. The study is all-encompassing with its mandate covering every department and setup which includes the important Directorate Military Operations and the Military Intelligence.

The Army Chief, General Bipin Rawat, has said that although there is sufficient personnel stationed at each headquarter, an insufficiency of troops arises in the battalions. In an attempt to counter this lapse, the army is planning to do away with the headquarters at the Brigades level.

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