Indian Army Procures “Special Boots” for Soldiers Deployed on Kashmir Border

The Indian Army has secured special anti-mine boots for the soldiers deployed along the Line of Control (LoC) in Jammu and Kashmir (J&K). A top Indian army officer said with the ‘special boots’, the troops will be able to pursue terrorists in landmine-infested areas.

New Equipment Part and Parcel of Counter-Infiltration Grid

Lt. General Paramjit Singh, the General Officer Commanding of the Army’s Jammu-based XVI Corps told the Press Trust of India that this was part of the counter-infiltration grid. “The soldiers have to get into forward areas for domination and sometimes even undertake hot pursuit of the terrorists and subversive element.”

He said the army has procured equipment such as anti-mine boots and deep search metal detectors, purchased from special funds to facilitate operations and ensure the safety of the soldiers.

“The forward areas along the LoC under XVI Corps, a length of nearly 250 kilometres of rugged terrain and dense bushes, have inherent landmine dangers; but preparations, including safety precautions, have been taken for carrying out the operations.”

Lt. Gen Singh said some mines had been laid as part of the counter-infiltration measures; drift from their original place because of rain and snowfall and sometimes accidents happen.

Tackle Terrorists Head-on

The Army is prepared for everything. The Commander said “the Army envisages that the terrorists will attempt to infiltrate even after the snowfall this winter through non-traditional routes and areas.”

He said they were prepared for whatever challenge came their way. “Contingencies have been prepared and coordination is done while some more steps are in progress.” Moreover, Lt. Gen Singh stated that the police and civil administrations are addressing surveillance and control of the highways.”

He gave a brief insight as to the workings of the troops, saying that a robust anti-infiltration grid was in place, and troops equipped with latest gadgets including night-vision devices are deployed to make sure that ultras don’t reach the hinterland. “Even if the terrorists manage to get past the first tier, they are trapped in the depth.”

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