Indian Army Accuses, Pakistan Refuses Supporting The Resistance Front Of Jammu & Kashmir

Pakistans’ Foreign Office rejected Indian Army Chief NN Naravane’s claims about Pakistan supporting proxies in Kashmir. The rebuttal from Pakistan comes after the Indian army chief said that Pakistan had created a new group called ‘The Resistance Front’ that was responsible for reviving terrorist activities in Kashmir. 

Pakistan Foreign Office Spokesperson stated  that Pakistan ‘’rejects Indian army chief’s recent comments levelling allegations against Pakistan and hurling threats”.”These are part of India’s desperate attempts to divert the world’s attention from Indian state terrorism and egregious violations of human rights in Indian-occupied Jammu and Kashmir,” the FO said.

The FO spokesperson – Aisha Farooqui claimed that the Kashmiri resistance of Indian rule stems from India’s unabated oppression and brutalisation of Kashmiris and said that India’s attempt to portray Kashmiri struggle for self-determination as ‘terrorism’ will be unsuccessful.

The press release also labelled Indian action in the region as a threat to peace and security in South Asia. The diplomat further emphasised that the international community should understand the reality of the situation and urge India to act responsibly to ensure peace and stability in the region.

The latest comments from Islamabad come after N.N. Naravane issued a stern warning to proxy groups acting in Kashmir. The army chief called ‘The Resistance Fighters’ another terrorist organization operation from across the border and said that they will be treated appropriately.

Speaking to ANI, the 60-year-old General also gave an insight behind the increased insurgency in Kashmir. He said that the recent spike in the number of terror incidents is due to the changed weather conditions which allow terrorists from across the border to infiltrate.

“Winter months are generally little low-key and with the improvement in weather and snow melting, some periodic spikes have always been there. This is the pattern of many years and there is nothing untoward which has happened this year either,” Naravane had stated.

India and Pakistan have been at each other’s throat in spite of the coronavirus pandemic that continues to spread in both the countries. Both nations accuse each other of inciting violence in Kashmir and have been involved in numerous cross border shelling within the last two months.

Islamabad blames New Delhi for oppressing the Kashmiri population while New Delhi holds Pakistan responsible for insurgency and violence in Jammu and Kashmir.