HAL Tejas Fighter Jet Commences Operation with the Indian Air Force

HAL Tejas, India’s indigenous fighter jets commenced operations today on Monday. Tejas is the maiden fly-by-wire advanced plane which has been designed, developed and manufactured in India. Tejas has been developed and designed by HAL and on Monday it commenced operations with ‘The Flying Daggers.’ The HAL Tejas began operations from the Sulur Airbase near Coimbatore.

The base of the Southern Air Command at Trivandrum has been given the responsibility of integrating the HAL Tejas into the Air Force operations. The Commanding-in-Chief of the Southern Air Command was present at the inauguration ceremony of the Tejas. The jet is equipped with satellite-aided Inertial navigation system.

What does HAL Tejas Bring to the Indian Air Force?

Tejas is bound to be a big asset for the Indian forces given the great war capabilities it has. The HAL Tejas is the first fighter jet developed, designed and manufactured in India. Tejas has an autopilot mode with a digital computer-based assault system. The HAL Tejas fighter jet is amply capable of firing air to air missiles, carrying Precision Guided ammunition and bombs.

The ‘Flying Daggers’ will now guard the skies in times of war with the induction of Tejas. According to HAL the minimum lifespan of Tejas is 30 years. The fighter plane had to go through a lot of clearance problems before finally commencing operations. Tejas was first introduced in January 2015.

S-400 missile systems to be inducted in the Indian Air Force

After getting approval from the defence ministry the India-Russia defence deal will now go to the finance ministry and then finally for the cabinet committee on security to get the final set of approvals. The Defence Acquisitions Council helmed by the defence minister has approved minor deviations in the S-400 deal with Russia. These deviations were proposed in the recently held commercial negotiations with Russia. India and Russia have defence projects of USD 12 billion in the pipeline.

The S-400 missile systems will add a great new dimension to Indian defence. These systems are highly mobile and automated. It consists of different hypersonic and supersonic missiles along with long-range radars. These missile systems can be used by India to protect cities or important facilities during situations of war. The induction of the S-400 missile systems into the Indian Air Force will strengthen India’s defence mechanisms significantly. The S-400 missile systems can track and eliminate drones. spy planes, stealth fighters up to a range of 400 km and vertical distance of 30 km.

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