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Indian Air Force Has Not Attacked Karachi As Pakistan Abuzz With Rumours

Pakistani netizens were vigorously discussing the Indian Air Force raids on Karachi. Many netizens on Twitter claimed that various Indian Air Force jets were seen flying near Karachi which led to a blackout in the port city.

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“Dear @IndiainPakistan, rumours are rife about Indian Air Force incursions into Pakistan-administered Kashmir and the Sindh-Rajasthan sector. Recommend you put out a statement to clarify. Also, recommend that everybody chill and enjoy the week,” tweeted Waj Khan, a former reporter at NBC News.

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“I definitely saw jet planes, live near airport. Whats up,” said Laraib Mohib from Karachi. “There were a lot of fighter jets flying around in Karachi probably,” added Ayesha Zafar, also from Karachi. However, IAF sources have rejected any such activity by its fighter aircraft over Pakistan.


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One twitter user said: IAF jets crossed International Border & reached Karachi. Dear #Karachi people do not panic before beating any Pilot to death please confirm his identity first. Do not repeat the same Balakot raid mistake. If his English is limited to “InshAllah Boys played well” he’s one of us.


There is no official statement from the Pakistan Armed Forces over the rumours of Indian Air Force jets crossing the LoC and flying over Karachi and other parts of Sindh. The Indian Air Force has denied any such activity. In fact, it appears that the Pakistanis mistook PAF aircraft for IAF jets.

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Earlier, as EurAsian Times had reported, On February 26, India launched a dangerous mission to retaliate against the killing of over 40 CRPF soldiers. This operation was to be carried across the border by the Indian Air Force.

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Later during a joint press briefing, the Indian Air Force officials stated that the Indian fighter jets crossed the Line of Control and hit ‘Jaish-e-Mohammed terror camps in Balakot, Pakistan. Islamabad was expectedly infuriated and promised to hit back.

The next day, Pakistan responded with its fighter jets by infiltrating into the Indian territory without causing any damage except denting the Indian image. India accidentally shot down its own chopper and lost a Mig-21 Bison jet. India claimed to have shot down a Pakistani F-16, a claim rejected by Islamabad.

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Pakistan also detained Indian Pilot Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman. But two days later, he was released which was promoted as a goodwill gesture in Pakistan but experts termed it an upshot of immense Indian diplomatic pressure.

Since then, India and Pakistan have been involved in claims and counterclaims and Pakistani establishment repeatedly warning the global community of another possible strike by India as ‘false-flag operations’

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