India Will Not Withdraw from PAK-FA (SU-57) Joint Project with Russia

Is India renegotiating the SU-57 Fighter Jet Deal with Russia? India is not withdrawing from the SU-57 or PAKFA Joint Project with Russia for the development of a fifth-generation fighter jet. This was stated by Yuri Slyusar, president of Russia’s United Aircraft Corporation (UAC), said on Sunday.

“We continue to discuss with India about the joint development of a fifth-generation fighter jet. The topic is not yet closed. It has been said that India is withdrawing from this project, but they are not,” he said in an interview to Rossiya-1 television channel. “I hope very much our talks will eventually be successful and we will develop our joint fifth-generation aircraft together,” he added according to Russian Tass and EurAsian Times

Earlier, EurAsian Times and several Indian Media reported that Delhi was planning to withdraw from the joint project with Russia for the development of a fifth-generation fighter jet as India’s Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) declared there was every possibility to develop the required technology independently.

An agreement on such a project was reached in 2007. The fifth-generation fighter jet is being developed on the basis of the Russian SU-57 fighter jet with the account of the Indian side’s technical requirements.

Will India to Acquire the SU 57 (PAK FA)

As EurAsian Times reported, The Indo-Russian Stealth Fighter Project has been in news for quite some time. The IAF has on several accounts reported dissatisfaction and dismay regarding the quality of the Russian aircraft. As earlier reported by a senior officer of the Indian Air Force, the IAF is concerned about the abilities of the PAK FA and believes that the jet will fall short in areas of stealth and cross-section capacities. Other concerns earlier raised by the IAF included the cost of servicing and maintenance of the fleet.

Although defence experts from the Indian Defence Ministry recommend the SU 57 and believe the Indo-Russian Fighter project is highly beneficial for India, the IAF has expressed several concerns. When the first PAK FA was evaluated, the IAF addressed around 40 issues, including a weak engine, amongst others.

The SU 57 has now been upgraded with a much more advanced engine, along with numerous other features. The advanced air-launched weaponry is one of the best features of the PAK FA, now SU 57. Russia is sure about the jet’s ability in areas of stealth and precision, will India go ahead with the Indo-Russian Fighter project and acquire the SU 57?

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