India To Train Maldivian Pilots For Operating Gifted Helicopters

Top Maldives defence officials have requested Indian pilots to train Maldivians for operating two military helicopters. The military helicopters were gifted to the Maldives by India.

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The Chief of Defence Force Major General Abdulla Shamaal emphasised saying, “currently the helicopters are being piloted by foreigners under the command of the Maldives National Defence Force”.

The helicopter will be used for surveillance, the rescue and emergency landings for the safety of citizens. Major General Shaamal informed the media personnel saying, ” he will ask the Indian government to train Maldivians to pilot the helicopters”.

The top general said that the major barrier in Maldives National Defence Force’s capabilities is its failure to retain experienced military pilots. The Maldivian military pilots are paid less than the commercial pilots.

There were few critics who opposed the inclusion of Indian Military in the Maldivian helicopter operations. The Maldives National Defence Force promised that the operations will always be carried out under the supervision of Maldivan government.

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