India Supplying Medicines To Afghanistan, While Pakistan Sponsoring Terrorism: Afghan Experts

Afghanistan President – Ashraf Ghani thanked Indian PM Narendra Modi for medical and food shipments even as the war-torn nation continues to fight both coronavirus and Pakistan-sponsored terrorism. 

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”Thank you, my friend, Prime Minister @narendramodi, and thank you India for providing 500K tablets of hydroxychloroquine, 100K tablets of paracetamol, and 75,000 metric tons of wheat that the first consignment of it (5,000) will reach AFG in a day or so, for the Afghan people,” he tweeted.

In another tweet, Ghani appreciated India for ”further commitments to supply more items including medicines and equipment as availability increases in India”.

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”Thank you also for further commitments to supply more items including medicines and equipment as availability increases in India. In the difficult times of #Covid19, closer cooperation between allies and friends will prepare us better to fight this menace and save our people,” he said in another tweet.

Responding to the tweet by Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani – Indian Pm Narendra Modi said New Delhi and Kabul share a special friendship based on ties of history, geography, and culture.

“For long, we have fought jointly against the scourge of terrorism,” Modi tweeted. “We will similarly combat COVID-19 together, with solidarity and shared resolve,” he said.

Afghanistan is in the middle of fighting both coronavirus and terrorism. Recently, more than 30 Afghan security forces were killed in clashes with the Taliban despite the signing of the historic US-Taliban peace deal and swapping of prisoners.

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The Taliban has stepped-up their attacks following a week of reduced violence in late February that led to the signing of a peace deal between the group and the US.

However, following the peace deal, attacks have greatly increased and many Afghan experts have blamed Pakistan for supporting and sponsoring the Taliban insurgents to pressurize the Afghan government into submission.

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As per Tolo News, the Taliban blamed the Afghan and foreign forces for conducting over fifty attacks on the insurgent group post the peace deal. “This is a result of the inattention of the leaders, which has resulted in people’s sons being killed,” said Mohamad Azam Afzali, member of the Takhar provincial council.