India Succumbs; Ready to Stop Import of Iranian Oil

Is India under pressure from importing Iranian Oil? India is the biggest buyer of Iranian oil after China, and Delhi might be forced to stop the imports of Iranian Oil to protect itself from US sanctions. This is a severe blow to India-Iran Relations and hegemony of US policies.

India’s oil ministry has directed refiners to plan for a drastic reduction in imports of Iranian oil from November, the first indication that Delhi is succumbing to a push by the US to cut trade ties with Iran.

India earlier stated that it does not recognise unilateral sanctions forced by the US and only follows UN sanctions. India’s oil ministry held a meeting with refiners on Thursday, prompting them to explore alternatives to Iranian oil, according to key sources

Indian oil minister Dharmendra Pradhan told reporters that Indian would look after its interests while deciding on oil imports from Iran. “We know that to have a healthy energy mix, we can get oil from anyplace. The rest depends on geopolitics, and those decisions will be taken based on the situations,” Pradhan said.

Earlier, as EurAsian Times reported, In a big setback to India-US Relations, The US has called off the 2+2 Dialogue scheduled for July 6. This is being perceived as an outcome of the widening rift in India-US Ties. This is for the second time that the US has postponed the 2+2 dialogue which was initially scheduled for March.

The US-Iran Conflict is taking new turns each day and can well escalate into a war. Iran has blatantly affirmed that after the withdrawal of the US from the Iran Nuclear Deal, Iran would not give in to the demands of the US. As the US threatens Iran to impose sanctions, Iran says it will bring the US to its knees in the ongoing battle of wills.

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