India To Install “Smart Fence” To Secure Borders with Pakistan, Bangladesh

Indis shares a volatile and porous border with Pakistan and Bangladesh. The first ‘smart fence’ pilot project of India’s Border Security Force is being stationed along the borders that the country shares with Pakistan and Bangladesh, to take an immediate action against any infiltration. The smart-fence is already in place and working in Jammu.

The project, which involves deploying laser fences and barriers enabled of technology to secure venerable gaps along India’s borders, is expected to be formally launched by home minister Rajnath Singh on September 17, the BSF chief said on Friday.

Such gadgetry will be expanded along 2,400 kilometers of India’s border with Pakistan and Bangladesh in the future, he said.

Director General, Border Security Force, KK Sharma said at present India’s relation with Bangladesh and its border guarding force, BGB, are very friendly and their priority is to place these smart gadgets, as part of the comprehensive integrated border management system (CIBMS), along with the Pakistan boundary first.

“On the eastern side in Dhubri, across the Brahmaputra, we have installed technical solutions on a stretch of 55-60 kilometers because there is no possibility of erecting a fence there,” the BSF chief said media here.

He said the border guarding force is using a number of latest gadgets and technology to safeguard this area on the eastern side. They have been integrated and a CCTV-like feed will be given to the border post and prompt action can be taken against any intrusion attempt.

“This (Dhubri) is almost completed and likely to be inaugurated on September 27. These are the initial phases. We have identified vulnerable areas along the borders and roughly an area of about 2,400-km has been identified for rolling out the CIBMS ultimately,” he added.

“Our priority, for the smart fence or laser fence project, is the western side because we have very friendly relations with Bangladesh and we are in no hurry. If we have to prioritise, then we will start with the borders with Pakistan,” said the BSF chief.

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