India Is Home To The World’s Largest Slave Population: UN

Even in the modern times, the world is still trapped in the clutches of slavery, with India leading the embarrassing list. Around 40 million people in the world are still victims of the evil of slavery. A world struggling with poverty, crisis and conflicts have left a large number of people caught in the trap of slavery. India is the home to world’s largest population of the modern-day slaves.

A lot of global issues have pushed people into the global slave trade. Parallel to sprawling infrastructures and contemporary standards of living, human trafficking has emerged as one of the most pressing global evils. A large population of the world finds itself caught in the shackles of the sex trade, organ smuggling nexus, beggary, factories and more.

Among nations with the highest percentage of modern-day slavery are North Korea, Burundi and Eritrea. On the other hand, India, Pakistan and China are homes to the largest slave populations of the world. This analysis has been given by the United Nations and Walk Free Foundation.

July 30 is observed as the World Day Against Trafficking in Persons. The United Nations aims to make modern slavery and forced labour obsolete by the end of 2030.

India Has The Largest Slave Population In The World: UN

India is home to eight million global slaves followed by China with a slave population of 3.86 million. Third on the list is Pakistan with a slave population of 3.19 million.

North Korea has the highest rate of slavery in the world as one on every 10 people in North Korea are trapped in slavery. Following North Korea on the list are Eritrea and Burundi with slavery rates of 9.3% and 4% respectively. Slavery rate in Pakistan is 1.7% and Iran has a slavery rate of 1.6%. The illicit market of human trafficking has an annual worth of around $150 billion and forms a massive business nexus.

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