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India Release Second List Of Military Hardware To Be Procured Locally & Boost Indigenization

In pursuance of ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ (self-reliant India) and to boost indigenization in the defense sector, Indian home minister Rajnath Singh has approved a proposal of the Department of Military Affairs to notify the ‘Second Positive Indigenisation List’ of 108 items.

The Press Release by the Ministry of defense read:

All the 108 items will now be procured from indigenous sources as per provisions given in Defence Acquisition Procedure (DAP) 2020.

The second list places special focus on weapons/systems which are currently under development/trials and are likely to translate into firm orders in the future.

Like the first list, import substitution of ammunition which is a recurring requirement has been given special focus. Not only does the list recognize the potential of the local defense industry, it will also invigorate impetus to domestic Research & Development by attracting fresh investment into technology and manufacturing capabilities.

The ‘Second Positive Indigenisation List’ comprises complex systems, sensors, simulator, weapons and ammunitions like Helicopters, Next Generation Corvettes, Air Borne Early Warning and Control (AEW&C) systems, Tank Engines, Medium Power Radar for Mountains, MRSAM Weapon Systems and many more such items to fulfill the requirements of Indian Armed Forces.

This second list is planned to be implemented progressively with effect from December 2021 to December 2025.


1. Helicopter with All Up Weight (AUW) < 3.5Ton Dec 2021
2. Wheeled Armoured Platform (WhAP) – CBRN Dec 2021
3. Next Generation Corvette Dec 2021
4. Mission System for Airborne Early Warning & Control (AEW&C) System Dec 2021
5. Mini UAV for Surveillance ( Fixed Wing) Dec 2021
6. Tank Track Assembly Dec 2021
7. Tunguska Track Assembly Dec 2021
8. Light, Medium and Heavy Combat Armoured and/ or Mine Protected Vehicles for Infantry Dec 2021
9. Helicopter Launched ATGM upto 7 Km Dec 2021
10. Anti-Torpedo Decoy System for Ships (Mareech) Dec 2021
11. Remote Control Weapon Stations (7.62MM, 12.7 MM, 30MM, AGL & AGS) for Tanks Dec 2021
12. Shipborne High Accuracy ELINT system in 0.17 to 40 MHz Dec 2021
13. Bund Blasting Device Dec 2021
14. SDR for Combat Ships ( SDR NC) Dec 2021
15. Border Surveillance System Dec 2021
16. Shipborne Surface Surveillance Radar (SSR) Dec 2021
17. Battlefield Surveillance Radar (BFSR) up to 10 KM Dec 2021
18. Through Wall imaging Radars Dec 2021
19. Portable Diver Detection Sonar Dec 2021
20. Sarvatra Kavach Dec 2021
21. Multi-Functional Display System (MFDS) for Indigenously Produced Aircraft Dec 2021
22. Counter Mine Flail (CMF) (Land Based) Dec 2021
23. Instant Fire Detection and Suppression System (IFDSS) for Tanks Dec 2021
24. Individual Underwater Breathing Apparatus (IUWBA) for Tanks Dec 2021
25. 10 W Power Amplifier (L Band and X Band) for Tropo Upgradation Dec 2021

26. 2KW & 4KW Power Amplifiers (L Band) for Tropo Upgradatio Dec 2021
27. LED Based Taxy, Landing & Navigation Lights Dec 2021
28. Main Switch Board and Power Distribution System for Ships Dec 2021
29. Steering Gear for Destroyers and Frigates Dec 2021
30. Alloy DMR 249A grade steel Dec 2021
31. Alloy DMR 291A Dec 2021
32. Land-Based Medium Power Radar Dec 2021
33. Armoured Engineer Recce Vehicle ( AERV) Dec 2021
34. Armoured Repair and Recovery Vehicle ( ARRV) Dec 2021
35. Upgraded Integrated Air Command And Control System Dec 2021
36. Composite Sonar Dome for Ships Dec 2021
37. Processor-Based Ground Mine (PBGM) Dec 2021
38. Processor-Based Moored Mine (PBMM) Dec 2021
39. Battery Monitoring System (BMS) for Shishumar Class Submarines Dec 2021
40. Submarine Damage Control Fire Fighting and Training Facility (SDCFFTF) Dec 2021
41. Alternators for Ships (Up to 1.5 MW) Dec 2021
42. DC Insulation Measuring Instrument for EKM Submarines Dec 2021
43. High Altitude Water Purification System Dec 2021
44. Land-Based MRSAM Weapon System Dec 2021
45. 4×2 Armoured Command Post Vehicle Dec 2021
46. AC Plant for Submarines Dec 2021
47. Shipborne Refrigeration Plant for Cold/Cool Room Dec 2021
48. Shipborne Main Broadcast System Dec 2021
49. Pilot Parachute PSU-36 Series 4-3 with Retrieved Metal Components for SU-30 Dec 2021. With Effect from Dec 2022
50. SCME Clothing Dec 2022
51. SCME Equipment Dec 2022
52. Data Network for Ships Dec 2022
53. Trawl Assembly for Tanks Dec 2022
54. Upgraded Assault Track way ( UATW) Dec 2022
55. Thermal Imaging (TI) sight for Small Arms (Aslt Rif, LMG,MMG & RL) Dec 2022
56. Image Intensifier (II) Sight for Small Arms
(Aslt Rif, LMG, & CQB Carbine) Dec 2022
57. Day Sight for Small arms including Telescopic & Reflex sight (Aslt Rif, LMG & CQB carbine) Dec 2022
58. Deep search Mine Detectors (for Searching Land Mines, IEDs etc) Dec 2022
59. Rocket RGB-60 HE with Fuse Dec 2022
60. Rocket RGB-60 Practice Dec 2022
61. Rocket RGB-12 HE with Fuse k3m Dec 2022
62. Rocket RGB-12 Practice Dec 2022
63. 80 MM Tandem Warhead Rocket Dec 2022
64. Software Defined Radio (Manpack ) Dec 2022
65. Mechanical Minefield Marking Equipment (Land Based) Dec 2022
66. Pontoon mid-stream Bridging system Dec 2022
67. Integrated Architecture Display System (IADS) for LCH Dec 2022
68. Automatic Flight Control System (AFCS) for LCH Dec 2022
69. Solid State Video Recording System (SSVRS) Dec 2022
70. Armoured Dozor Dec 2022
71. Upper-Air Sounding System (UASS) Dec 2023
72. Software Defined Radio (Hand Held ) Dec 2023
73. Mountain Weapon Locating Radar (AESA Based) Dec 2023
74. Transportable Ku- band Tropscatter Communication Dec 2023
75. Smart Anti-Airfield Weapon (SAAW) Mk-I Dec 2023
76. GPS & GIS-Based Minefield Recording System (Land Based) Dec 2023
77. Upgraded 76 mm SRGM Dec 2023
78. Loitering Munitions up to 50km Range & 25kg Payload Dec 2023
79. Land Inertial Navigation System (Smerch) Dec 2023
80. Multi-Station Ship Handling Simulator (MSSHS) Dec 2023
81. Laser Ordnance Disposal System Dec 2023
82. Video Processing Card for Su-30 Dec 2023
83. Inflatable Aircraft Decoys Dec 2023
84. Ship Borne 1 KW High-Frequency Trans-receiver Dec 2023
85. IFF MK XII-S Dec 2023
86. L 70 Integrated Air Defence Combat Simulator (IADCS) Dec 2023
87. Naval Aircraft and Ship Instrumentation (NASI) for SHOL Trials
88. Long-Range Glide Bomb (250 Kg & 450 Kg) Dec 2024
89. 40MM (Multi Grenade Launcher) Ammunition Dec 2024
90. Limpet Mines (7 Kg & 15 Kg) Dec 2024
91. General-Purpose Bomb (500 kg) for Fighters Dec 2024
92. 125 Kg General Purpose Bomb (NATO Standard) Dec 2024
93. Aerial Fuse for Mk-80 Series Bombs Dec 2024
94. Medium Power Radar for Mountain Dec 2024
95. Mechanical Mine Layer (Self-Propelled) – (Land Based) Dec 2024
96. Drop Tank for Jaguar and Mirage Aircraft Dec 2024
97. Digital Beam Forming based Satellite TV for Ships Dec 2024
98. D-29 Unified Receiver Exciter Processor (UREP) Based EW Suite
99. Onboard Oxygen Generation System (OBOGS) based integrated Life Support System for Fighter aircraft Dec 2024
100. Foldable Fibre Mat (FFM) for Runway Rehabilitation Dec 2024
101. Anti-Material Rifle(AMR) 14.5 MM Dec 2025
102. 14.5 MM API (Armour Piercing Incendiary) for Anti Material Rifle (AMR) Dec 2025
103. 1000HP Engine for Tank ( T-72) Dec 2025
104. Auxiliary Power Unit for T-72/ 90 Tank Dec 2025
105. Network Centric Operation Application for Software Defined Radio (SDR Dec 2025
106. Surface Mine Clearance System (Land Based) Dec 2025
107. Air Data Computer for Trainer Aircraft Dec 2025
108. Unit Level Target System for Army Air Defence

This second list has been prepared by MoD after several rounds of consultations with government and private manufacturing industry confederations to assess future capabilities of Indian Industry which will be able to meet the requirements of the Armed Forces. This list provides continuous impetus towards self-reliance in Defence.

The Defence industry can gainfully utilize this golden opportunity to build robust Research and Development facilities, capacities and capabilities to meet the futuristic requirements of the Armed Forces. This list also provides an excellent opportunity for ‘start-ups’ as also MSMEs which will get a tremendous boost from this initiative.

Towards this, the Ministry of Defence, Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) and Service Head Quarters (SHQs)  will take all necessary steps, including handholding of the Industry, to ensure that the timelines mentioned in the ‘Second Positive Indigenisation List’ are met, thereby facilitating an environment for Indian Defence Manufacturers to create world-class infrastructure, assist in Government’s ‘Make in India’ vision to make India self-reliant in defense and develop the capabilities for defense export in the near future.

The Second Positive Indigenisation List will be hosted in the MoD website.

In August 2020, the ‘First Positive Indigenisation’ List comprising 101 items was notified, in pursuance of the Government’s endeavor of ‘AtmaNirbhar Bharat Abhiyan’ and to boost indigenization in the defense sector.

At that time, it was also highlighted that more such equipment would be identified progressively to facilitate and encourage defense manufacturing in the country.

Via: Press Information Bureau 

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