Kargil War 2: Is Pakistan Planning To Recreate India’s Kargil Horrors?

Is the ISI planning another Kargil War (India-Pakistan War) by helping its proxies to cross the India-Pakistan border? To further enhance its Kashmir agenda, the Pak spy agency, ISI has reportedly handed over a large consignment of thermal jackets to Pakistan sponsored terrorists. These thermal jackets will facilitate these terrorists to cross the LoC without being detected by the Indian Forces. 

These jackets will make it a lot easier for the terrorists to infiltrate the India-Pakistan border and perpetrate terror in Kashmir. These claims have been made by the intelligence agencies of India and the same has been reported to the Home Ministry.

This conspiracy seems similar to the one knit by Pakistan in Kargil in 1999. Even then, the ISI and the Pakistani army helped a large number of intruders infiltrate into India and capture strategic peaks. It was a proxy war and the ISI seems to be planning another major offensive against India?

The report also states that these jackets have also been provided to the soldiers of the Pakistani Army who are responsible for helping the militants infiltrate into India. These jackets will help the militants and the soldiers of the Pakistani army to conveniently outwit thermal imaging by the sensors installed at the India-Pakistan border.

Pakistan BAT Commandos Preparing for Action?

The report submitted to the home ministry also suggests that the ISI is grooming the BAT commandos of Pakistan to launch a major offensive against the Indian troops. It seems like a major conspiracy brewing up in the mind of the ISI and India cannot afford to take these inputs lightly.

This is for the first time since the 2016 surgical strikes by India that such a large number of infiltrators are apparently preparing to cross the LoC. A large number of infiltrators stranded along the LoC to cross over hints at a massive terror blueprint being prepared by Pakistan’s intelligence agency.

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