India-Pakistan War Possible Due to Ceasefire Violations and Kashmir Killings – Pakistan

Is India-Pakistan War on Cards due to the ongoing Kashmir Dispute and Border Conflict? The Defence Minister of Pakistan commented on the ongoing ceasefire violations by the Indian military and said it could lead to an India-Pakistan War. The India-Pakistan War rumours and scare has prevailed ever since the violations, but the statement from Khawaja Asif, add gravitas to it. 

At a conference, earlier this week, the Defence Minister said that the Pakistan Muslim League would try to diplomatically resolve the Kashmir dispute via peaceful measures. However, the Pakistan forces are ready for any faceoff with the Indian Army.

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India-Pakistan War Tensions Mounting

Last weekend, many innocents were killed in Kashmir and the violence had reached an unprecedented level. The terror of the occupying forces in Kashmir is mounting and so are the violations and the possibility of an India-Pakistan war – said the Pak Minister.

An operation carried out by the Indian military forces led to the killing of many innocents and many more injured in the Shopian district. The Minister stated that the federal cabinet of Pakistan has passed a resolution to denounce the ‘Indian Terrorism’. He also said that matters were being taken up to higher international bodies, including the UN.

As reported by the Tribune, Asif stated:

“Not only in Kashmir, but the Muslim blood is being shed in Myanmar and Palestine as well…we hope the Islamic countries are with us on the issue”

Modi’s BJP at the crux of the India-Pakistan War

The Defence Minister spoke about the nations international alliances and that these would be tied stronger for greater benefits. He remarked that the chances of bettering bilateral ties with India was not an option as ‘they themselves are terrorists’. Speaking about the Indian PM and the BJP, he said that the ruling party was to be blamed for the spread of religious hatred in India.

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