How Would India-Pakistan Nuclear War End Up? UAE Conducts Simulated War Games

The war games simulate how to respond peacefully to a crisis situation with the same rigor that is usually applied to war

India and Pakistan’s ‘love-to-hate’ relationship has got the world to the edge of an impending nuclear strike. Over the years, world governments have sponsored and conducted simulations and scenario exercises to highlight the dangers of an India – Pakistan crisis.

On Thursday, a similar simulation of this hypothetical dual international crisis was played out in Abu Dhabi. According to The National young diplomats were tested by a crisis that could most likely destroy the world.

The Simulation Exercise  

Known as the future diplomats ‘peace game’, the war games simulate how to respond peacefully to a crisis situation with the same rigour that is usually applied to war. The scenario of India and Pakistan was played out in three videos. The first video outlined the prospect of a nuclear war between the two rivals; the second one had militants seizing Pakistan’s nuclear weapons and the third showed Pakistan had recovered the nuclear weapons with the United Nations calling for new rules surrounding nuclear safety.

After watching each video, the participants discussed in hushed tones consulted experts and multilateral meetings with other sides to deal with the looming crisis.

The exercise brought the responses of the young diplomats to the fore. It was largely measured, intelligent and focused. “They advised the creation a hotline between the main protagonists, the possible enforcement of no-fly zones and securing seaports. Majority advised against unilateral action.”

Bilateral Tensions

The most recent unnerving episode between India and Pakistan has been the September 18 terrorist attack in Uri, Kashmir, where 19 Indian soldiers were killed. Of course, India pointed the finger at Pakistan and responded with a surgical strike inside the Pakistan-controlled territory. For a year, there has been a regular exchange of fire across the Line of Control (LoC).

According to War on the Rocks, “Indian and Pakistan are the only regional nuclear states in the world to be locked in an acutely crisis-prone relationship.” Moreover, world experts believe that an India – Pakistan nuclear exchange could ‘blot out the sun, starving much of the human race’. It could just be the end of the world.

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