India-Pakistan Dispute Over Kashmir Can be Resolved At SCO: Russian Experts

Disagreements between India and Pakistan could be resolved within the framework of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). This opinion was expressed by the vice-president of the Russian Council on Foreign Affairs and former ambassador of the Russian Federation to India (2004-2009) – Vyacheslav Trubnikov.

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“I believe that the SCO is a perfectly acceptable platform for resolving any differences between India, Pakistan and China over border issues. The border disputes have accumulated for decades and impeded ties between India and Pakistan and SCO could be an ideal platform to iron out the differences.

According to experts, the SCO format “can and should work” to resolve crisis situations between members of the organization. “There is hope that it will work,” he said during the discussion.

Other experts expressed doubts that the SCO platform, like other formats, will help to overcome the “basic distrust” between Islamabad and New Delhi, as well as Beijing, in the near future.

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“The problem is not that India, China and Pakistan do not have a platform for discussing these issues, they discuss it well on bilateral platforms. The problem is simply the lack of trust in each other, and this is the main problem that somehow needs to be resolved.” , – an analyst explained.

Speaking about Russia’s position on the disagreement between Islamabad and New Delhi regarding the state of Jammu and Kashmir, the former Indian Ambassador to the Russian Federation, Kanwal Sibal emphasized that the Indian side is grateful to the Russian Federation for “clear statements” on this issue. “This, of course, will help increase the level of trust in our relations,” he added.

Relations between India and Pakistan again deteriorated due to the decision of the Indian government to abolish Article 370 which gave special status to Jammu and Kashmir. In retaliation, on August 7, Pakistani authorities decided to expel the Indian ambassador from the country and downgrade diplomatic relations.