India-Pakistan Cricket Match Could Be A Big Disappointment For Indian Cricket Fans

India-Pakistan World Cup Cricket Match scheduled on Sunday, 16th June 2019 in Manchester is of the most anticipated matches of the tournament. India-Pakistan Cricket Match gets even more interesting after television channels in both nations targetted each other with sarcastic adverts. Experts predict the India-Pakistan match could be a big disappointment for Indian fans and bring jubilation for Pakistan.

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The Cricket World Cup in England has already become the most-rain affected World Cup in the history of the sport. Unfortunately, the rain looks geared-up to spoil the thrill of India-Pakistan cricket match on June 16th.

India vs Pakistan is scheduled to start at 10.30 am local time on Sunday, 16th June and will be played at Old Trafford in Manchester. But weather forecasts suggest that rain could affect the match, resulting in a possible reduction of overs or even complete cancellation of the match just like India-New Zealand match.

United Kingdom’s MET department‘s forecasts suggest that there’s a 50% chance of rain at on Sunday in Manchester. And it won’t be until after 7 pm local time that the probability of rain will go below 40%. As per Accu Weather, there is 60% chance of rain and the India-Pakistan match looks will be cancelled.

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However, with only a 20% chance of rain at 10 am, when the toss is scheduled to take place, there’s a high possibility of the match starting according to the schedule. Another reliable portal for weather forecasts, has predicted a 50% chance of rainfall in Manchester on Sunday.

Therefore, it is all but certain that rain will play some part in the highly anticipated encounter and Pakistan fans are secretly celebrating. India starts as the favourite against arch-rivals Pakistan, but netizens are sure of a Pakistani defeat and would not mind settling for a draw against India.