India Needs Strong Presence In Latin America To Survive Chinese Challenge, Says Minister

India must mark a strong presence in Latin America in order to survive the Chinese expansion in the region. India has to be very active in Latin America but faces stiff competition from economic giant China which is looking to establish its clout globally.

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Argentina’s Foreign Affairs Minister emphasised saying, “China has been in the region for over two decades now and pumps a lot of financial resources, aided with technology, in the Latin American countries”.

Responding to a question on what should India in South America do at a time when China has already spread its influence in the continent, Jorge Faurie said: “India has to be absolutely active in Latin America. The Chinese have been in the region for many years already, for almost 20 years. China is doing something relevant not only for Argentina but also for all Latin American countries. China comes with an idea, the project they want to develop, they come up with money. That is extremely important because we are all lagging behind in financing.”

“If India is slated to be one of the top three economies in the next two decades, then it has to “assume the role it would like to have,” Faurie added.

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