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Why the India-Myanmar Border Agreement Has Been Deferred?

India-Myanmar border agreement promotes free movement across the border, with a streamlined structure. While India is keen on keeping the India-Myanmar border pact, Myanmar has deferred it. Why has Myanmar deferred the border pact?

The India-Myanmar border pact has been deferred by Myanmar and the nation has not signed it. the agreement streamlines free movement across the border for people residing within sixteen km along the partition.

India-Myanmar Border Pact deferred on Domestic Compulsion Grounds

Myanmar has requested for more time to evaluate the India-Myanmar border agreement on grounds of domestic compulsion. The agreement has been approved by the Union Cabinet as an initiative to promote and support economic interactions between residents of both nations. According to the pact, no restrictions would be levied on residents of both nations for movement across the borderline. Official border passes are to be allotted to people travelling for work or personal matters.

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After India had raised an alarm regarding the crossing over of smugglers and extremists across the India-Myanmar border, both nations decided on streamlining the process. After an attack on an Indian army convoy in Manipur, in 2015, the NIA found through investigations that the arrested militant had stayed in India for 5 days post the attack before finally crossing the India-Myanmar border on foot.

India-Myanmar Border Free Movement

The border between the two nations runs across 1,643 km and is unfenced. It borders along many states in India, including Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Nagaland and Mizoram. The border agreement between India and Myanmar aims at allowing free movement for people living up to 16 km along the border, on both sides.

Will Myanmar sign the border pact? Will the agreement streamline the movement across the borders and promote working and economic ties between the two nations?

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