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India Looks To Boost Ties With Argentina Through MoU On Defence Cooperation

India and Argentina will participate in the joint committee meeting to discuss nuclear issues. Argentina’s President is expected to sign up to eight agreements, including defence cooperation with India, said the Argentinian ambassador Daniel Chuburu.

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President of Argentina, Mauricio  Macri arrived in India along with a large delegation from Argentina’s nuclear sector. Argentina’s President and delegates will participate in the first meeting of a joint committee on nuclear issues. Argentina’s ambassador Daniel Chuburu said: “Argentina is also keen to pitch medium and small nuclear plants made by a state-run firm to India”.

“We are [expecting to sign] seven or eight agreements, in areas such as defence, tourism, technology, education culture, and pharmaceuticals. We hope the MoU we are signing in defence will open a lot of possibilities in different areas,” said Argentinian ambassador Daniel Chuburu informing that an Indian delegation will also visit Argentina in March to boost defence relations.

The Argentinan Ambassador emphasised saying, “We are developing modular power plants called Carem. There will be talks in this regard and on other civilian uses of nuclear technology, such as irradiation of vegetables and medicine. There are a lot of things in which we think there is a good possibility of getting together and working with India.”

Argentina’s state-run INVAP built a plant at BARC in Mumbai for mobilenium enrichment based on India and Argentina’s nuclear cooperation agreement. “INVAP will also explore the possibility of working with India in radars for civilian, military and meteorological use and satellites. Argentina is interested in benefiting from India’s work on nano-satellites and its satellite launch programme”, Chuburu said.

“There is huge potential in our relationship and the level that we have now is not up to what we expect it to be. We hope we can not only consolidate what we have but we can expand the trade and investments in both countries in a win-win situation, whereby both sides benefit,” the ambassador added.

The President of Argentina, Mauricio  Macri is accompanied by foreign minister Jorge Faurie and senior officials. The state visit is taking place on the occasion of 70th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two countries.


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