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India-Israel Sign MoU For Cooperation In Space Exploration

India-Israel Relations: During the visit of Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu to India, India’s Indian Institute of Space Science and Space Technology and Haifa’s Technion-Israel Institute of Technology have signed an MoU to establish cooperation in the matters of space studies.

The MoU was signed by Avi Blassberger of Israel Space Agency and IO Sharma, India’s VP of Indian Space Agency. The same had been initiated by the Indian PM Narendra Modi last July. This is turning a new page on the stronger India-Israel ties.

MoU to Enhance India-Israel Cooperation In Space

Head of AISR, Professor Pini Gurfil, said the MoU seeks to enhance the cooperation between the India-Israel not only in the space fields but also in companies and academic institutions. Prof Gurfil acknowledged India’s strength in launching of space bound vehicles and added that by the end of 2018, there will be 3 nano satellites built by Israel that will make history by making the first ever flight formation of its kind. He further said that the Memorandum of Understanding will allow the in depth research in space in a more efficient manner.

Founded in the year 2007, the IISSST was the first ever space educational agency in Asia. It aims to provide space technologies and space sciences education to enhance India’s space programme. The partnership between India and Israel in the field of space is based upon the fact that the Technion is the only university in Israel that provides education in the field of aerospace engineering.

India-Israel Pact To Encourage Joint Activities

The signing of the MoU between the India-Israel includes a pact of joint research and academic activities for scientists and faculty as well as the students. Under the memorandum, the two space agencies will also organize student exchange programmes, offer dual degrees, fellowships and motivate visits and conference calls by the scientists.

ISRO For India-Israel

With headquarters in Bangaore, Karnataka, Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) is the Indian space agency, under the Indian government. Formed in 1969, ISRO successfully built the nation’s first ever satellite, named Aryabhata, and launched it on April 19, 1975. ISRO has continually followed and achieved its vision of harnessing space technology for national development. It has achieved great feats in science research and planetary exploration.

The New, Stronger and Strategic India-Israel Ties

The signing of the MoU between India-Israel is a part of the many fold cooperation pact between the two nations. PM Benjamin Netanyahu is the first Israeli PM to visit India in the last 15 years. His visit comes as a follow up after PM Narendra Modi visited Israel last year. The recent meeting of the Prime Ministers of the two countries is a step towards stronger India-Israel ties. This visit commemorated 25 years of diplomatic India-Israel relations establishment.

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