India & Greece Must Cooperate To Counter Turkey, China & Pakistan Alliance – Greek Media

An alliance between Greece and India will be able to counter Turkey, China, and Pakistan, one of India’s top defense experts was quoted by Greek media as saying. Maj. Gen. GD Bakshi (retd.) said that the military exercises between the Greek and Indian navies must begin immediately.

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He spoke with Pentapostagma, a publication from Greece. Edited excerpts:

In the past few years, the Pakistanis, with the help of the Turks and the Chinese, are regrouping/ joining forces. Turkey sends terrorists everywhere. Ankara has already sent terrorist troops to Libya, to Artsakh, and last but not least to Kashmir.  

Greece and India must cooperate and stop Ankara and Islamabad! Greece and India have a lot in common regarding their culture and history. They have both acquired close ties since ancient times. During the Hellenistic period, Alexander the Great exported the Greek culture and civilization spanning as far as modern-day India.

Nowadays, both countries are facing the exact same common enemies, Turkey and Pakistan. We need to work together in the field of intelligence, as well as in the field of defense. My country produces weapons systems that could help Greece. We must also proceed with joint training exercises. Exercises between the strong Greek and Indian navies must begin immediately.

There is no doubt that India’s navy is very strong. We are already conducting joint training exercises with the American, Japanese and Australian navies. Greece also has a strong navy. Indians must come to the Aegean immediately!

We already know Turkey’s constant provocations in Cyprus. Turkey has to pay a heavy price, for destabilizing countries all over the world. We must make effective moves against Turkey. Ankara cannot challenge India and Greece if we join forces. We have to make this clear, India should not tolerate this aggressive behavior from Turkey anymore.

At the same time, Erdogan has exploited the refugee and migrant crisis for his own benefit. He keeps sending thousands of people to Greece and to Europe.

The plan is simple, he wants to conquer Europe with Islam. He is waging a cultural war. Europe must wake up before it is too late. You will have a drastic demographic change with such immigration flows. Greek friends, beware, they will try to kill civilians.

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