Chinese Hypersonic Aircraft May Overwhelm Delhi in an India-China War

In a possibility of an India-China War, India may be staggeringly left behind, boosts Chinese media. Authorities in China stated on Monday that Beijing has successfully test fired its first hypersonic aircraft which is capable of carrying nuclear warheads and penetrating even the most advanced missile defence systems in the world. This hypersonic aircraft gives China an unparalleled edge in case of a nuclear war with India. Overwhelm 

According to The Hindu and secondary research by EurAsian Times, the Xingkong-2 also known as Starry Sky-2 was launched from a target range located in Northwest China. The highly advanced aircraft which is the first of its kind has been developed by China Academy of Aerospace Aerodynamics along with China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation. The US and Russia have been also working on similar experiments to develop invincible hypersonic aircraft.

The aircraft was launched in a rocket and the Waverider (Flight Vehicle) got released after 10 minutes to fly independently. it then made large turning manoeuvres before it made a precise landing at the target location as stated by the CAAA. According to a statement made by the CAAA, the flight vehicle reached an altitude of 30kms.

The launch was deemed highly successful as various parameters were proved and the flight vehicle was fully recovered. Clearly, the Xingkong-2 will be the greatest nuclear threat to all the enemies of China and the greatest line of defence for China itself.

Last year India and China were at an intense military standoff at Doklam which lasted for more than 70 days. India and China have been a part of various territorial disputes including Doklam.

China has also adopted a more aggressive approach towards Taiwan, besides the South China Sea. Now, this hypersonic aircraft of China makes it an almost invincible force and makes all the missile defence shields as good as worthless. This aircraft will make China an even more dreaded military superpower.

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